Thursday, July 21, 2011

Script Tips On Hiatus

My weekly Script Tips have taken a backseat to my latest projects, including a TV Pilot that has been optioned and is in development, a short I've been asked to write, and an all-new and exciting project soon to be announced: a feature that I am producing with the help of a ton of awesome filmmakers. Official news will soon be announced at my website. Thank you for stopping by!

UPDATE: January 2014

What is the saying? "We make plans...and God laughs." I don't think She actually laughs at us, but She does have her own plans for us. And so here I am two and a half years later, following a long, debilitating illness that meant I had to cancel most of my projects. (And the TV series deal fell apart. Oy.) But I'm still here to tell about it. And so a new show goes on, even if I'm not exactly what my life's show will entail. But I do know it will be joyous. Cheers!

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