Thursday, April 28, 2011

Screenwriting as a Collaborative Project

Some non-writer friends have asked if I'm ever lonely as a writer. Hardly! With all those characters in my head I always have a slew of on-going conversations. The difficulty is trying to hush them, especially when I need to sleep.

Of course admitting I hear voices may be cause for concern to some--maybe even grounds to book me in the nearest facility with a white-padded room and a chef's coat that ties in a funny way. But as a writer, if you don't hear the voices of your characters, then you should really be concerned.

The really tricky part is acting as mediator. There are always going to be active power struggles going on in your head. "Pick me!" "Write about me!" the characters invariably shout. "Listen to my side of the story!" Another bellows. "Get my story right!" Still another echoes.

And once you do--get all their stories right, that is--the voices finally quiet, satisfied with your job well done. So that when you finally hit FADE OUT, the peace begins. Until the next day when you start your newest project....

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