Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Short Film

How do we attract the super short (and the tall) filmmakers as we attempt to launch the New Hampshire 7DayPSA Competition?

The deadline’s tomorrow. Yet as of today we only have—gulp—one team registered. Yes. You read that correctly. One team. And seven fabulous New Hampshire non-profits are interested, three of which are prepping materials for this year’s competition.

What to do?

Get the word out like never before. And start advertising the one-week late, extended deadline now.

Okay, so here it is:

The New Hampshire 7DayPSA Competition deadline is tomorrow—Sept. 2, 2010. Teams can register for $120 (or $100 for Student Teams).

Or Teams can Register up to one week after the deadline—by Sept. 9, 2010—for the Late Registration Fee of  $135 per Team (or $110 per Student Team).

Note: NH 48-Hour Filmakers may deduct 10% off of their Registration Fee.

Information is available at the NH 7DayPSA blog; registration forms are available courtesy of our host organization, Red River Theatres.

Questions? Contact Dana.


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